• When can I start?
    5 PEAKS is designed to welcome new students at any point throughout the entire year. Our curriculum is based on a 3 month cycle, so a new student can join at any time and fall right into cycle. Bottom line- right now!

    Can my daughter join and earn her Black Belt?
    Absolutely YES! Martial Arts is by no means gender specific. You’ll quickly find that the classes are nearly 50% in terms of male to female ratio. The world needs more Black Belt female leaders!

    Once I get started, how often can I train?
    The average student trains twice a week. They’ll generally pick Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. In the future, you’ll be welcome to add additional training classes or Programs onto your regular schedule based on your needs.

    What if I miss a class?
    No problem. Instead of hopping to another class during the week, you can simply come to Make Up class on Saturdays. Check the schedule to identify when your class is held and you’re good to go. Make Up class is awesome because there is no additional charge to participate, and you are welcome to jump in even if you haven’t missed a class.

    How do I earn my White Belt?
    A Belt is never simply given- even a White Belt. Students will perform an in-class test to earn their White Belt. The student will be tested on his Basic Punches, Basic Kicks, and the confidence to respond Yes Sir or No Sir without being prompted. Although this test is not particularly difficult, it’s the foundation for all the other tests and serves as the official first step toward Black Belt.

    How often are the regular Belt Tests?
    Every student has the opportunity to test every (3) months provided he is eligible to test. Eligibility is based on attending a required number of classes, acquiring the required number of Knowledge Stripes, and demonstrating a continual attitude of Respect towards his parent(s), his Instructor, and his fellow classmates.

    What is the PIF Program?
    The Pay It Forward Program is designed to give your friends the opportunity to join you on your quest toward Black Belt. It’s going to be an incredible journey! If you refer a friend to 5 PEAKS and they enroll, 5 PEAKS will cover the registration toward your next belt test.

    How long will it take me to earn my Black Belt?
    It takes the average White Belt student 3 ½ to 4 Years to achieve Black Belt.

    What if I’m not interested in getting all the way to Black Belt?
    That’s OK. If your goal is to simply learn the basics of Martial Arts, then the Basic Program will fulfill that need. If by chance you change your mind at the end of that program and wish to continue, you’re in!

    What is the Black Belt Quest?
    The Black Belt Quest Program is a step above the Basic Program. Just as the Basic Program culminates at Green Belt, the Black Belt Quest culminates at Black Belt. Along the way, you will have early access to Advanced Forms, Sparring, Weapons Training, and the requirements necessary to meet the demands of the Black Belt Test.

    Do I have to wait until the end of the Basic Program to enroll in the Black Belt Quest?
    No. Once a student has enrolled in the Basic Program and they begin to understand the level of commitment it will take to reach Black Belt, they can then consult their Instructor and enroll in the Black Belt Quest Program.

    Do I have to compete in tournaments?
    No. Even though 5 PEAKS is a Nationally ranked school, Competing is not required to progress through your training.

    Will my son/ daughter get injured while sparring in class?
    Sparring incorporates light contact and the potential for a bump here or there is inevitable. At 5 PEAKS, sparring is designed for students to be able to practice real time techniques with a fellow teammate, develop the skills to identify openings, and learn how to work with students of differing sizes and abilities. Our philosophy is that if a student gets injured in training, it’s simply bad training. Students are required to wear 5 PEAKS approved protective gear for additional safety, the level of contact is strictly monitored, and students are prohibited from free sparring until they have reached a required rank. This insures that by the time your son/ daughter is ready to spar, they will be ready and they‘ll love it!

    Will Martial Arts Training make my child more aggressive?
    No. Martial Arts Training will increase your child’s ability to be physically active, but it doesn’t feed the negative emotions of aggression. Martial Arts Training focuses on Respect, Personal Improvement, and Teamwork when it’s time to spar: not the desire to win at all costs or suffer defeat.

    What is the meaning behind the name 5 PEAKS?
    You’ll have to earn your Black Belt to find out.