• Birthday Parties!!

    Open to all students as well as non-students! Party patrons will jump into a special Black Belt Class followed by some crazy 5 PEAKS action. We’ll break for some cake, ice cream, or whatever else you would like to bring. And then we’ll seal the deal with some bonus games designed specifically for your Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl. You’re welcome to bring as many guests as you like. (Minimum of 8 Guests. Must be 5yr+ to participate)

    Call now for more information and book your Black Belt Party today!

  • Seminars and Workshops

    5 PEAKS takes pride in being our community’s #1 resource for Personal Safety and Development. We offer monthly Workshops and Seminars all throughout the year. Regardless of age, experience, or background, we have something for everyone. Whether it be Weapons training, Women’s Self Defense, or Board Breaking, our goal is to educate and equip our students, families, and guests with the tools that will keep them safe. Call us now to find out what’s coming up and how to get involved!

    Call and find out what Seminars are coming up and how you can jump in!

  • 5 PEAKS Summer Camps

    Summer Camps run Monday- Friday. Drop off is at 9am and pickup is at 3pm. Campers can expect specialized Black Belt and Super Hero themed training, WarriorSport, Teamwork based obstacle courses, 5 Peaks Drills, Board Breaking, and best of all, the opportunity to EARN their WHITE BELT!

    1- Warrior Camp
    2- Black Belt Training Camp*
    3- Warrior Competition Camp*
    4- Leadership Camp*

    *5PEAKS Members only

    Check out the schedule and call (443) 795-4538 to reserve your Camp(s) today!

  • Warrior Boot Camp

    Do you have what it takes? This is your chance to prove it to yourself. The Warrior Boot Camp is a trial by fire. It is simply the hardest, most physically demanding experience you will encounter. Back in 2007, the door was opened to allowing students, regardless of Rank or experience, the opportunity to take part in 48 straight hours of the most intense drills, conditioning, personal development, and performance training. Your physical and mental strength will be put to the test. To simply make it to the end is an incredible achievement. If you succeed, you will earn the coveted “Warrior” title and a level of confidence that is second to none. Can you make it through the fire? Well?

    ​Contact us right now and find out about Registration.

  • 5 Peaks Black Belt Testing

    This is the BIG SHOW! Our Black Belt Testing is a Tri-annual event that welcomes students, families, and spectators to join our Candidates as they engage themselves in the Ultimate Test: the test for Black Belt. You’ll witness first hand the result of years of dedicated effort. Don’t forget your video camera!